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    The Frozen Moment of Happiness | On the CVTE “The Rest of Life” Group Wedding 2019


    The Rest of Life - CVTE Group Wedding

    To the salute and hurrah

    Five couples got married on May 17

    and received the best wishes of co-workers

    Click on the video

    To see how happy they were


     The sweet moment

    Limousines are ready to pick up the brides



    Finding the wedding shoes to take happiness away 

    Tasting all the sweet things in the world with you

    From now on, my parents are yours too

    At last, the bridegrooms take back the brides

    The moment of infatuation

    Carnival + bachelor party

    The venue is flooded in pink

     This could be the so-called feeling of “bubble with happiness.”


    The moment of felicity


    All the employees witness the commitment of the newly-wed couples

    To grow old together after falling in love

    The moment of passion


    The versatile CVTErs

    Put on brilliant performances at the evening

    To sparkle every moment of CVTE 

    Thank you for joining us

    The time we spend together

    Is the happy moment at CVTE