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    CVTE seewo Joins the 5G Smart Education Alliance to Make Education “At the Fingertips”


    The 5G Smart Education Cooperation Alliance hosted by China Mobile under the theme of “Smart Education for a Jointly Created Future” has recently been held in Hangzhou. At the event, China Mobile released the 5G + Smart Education Whitepaper and 35 partners including CVTE seewo signed an alliance memorandum, which marked the official establishment of the 5G Smart Education Cooperation Alliance.

    Aiming to create a cooperative system integrating “teaching,” “learning,” “production,” “research” and “investment” in the 5G network and attain the goal of promoting the development and fusion of 5G smart educational technology, the alliance collaborates in matters including the enactment of smart education standards in the context of 5G, research of key technologies, business pilot demonstration, exchange and cooperation, and startup business cultivation to realize cooperative innovation, integration and win-win results among all partners.

    At the event, Prof. Huang Ronghuai, Director of the National Engineering Laboratory for Cyberlearning and Intelligent Technology, delivered a lecture on the development of smart education by means of the“5G+” and the promotion of educational equality.

    The 5G+ interactive smart recorder showcased by seewo responded to the agenda. The remote interactive “Express classroom” created by the 5G+ seewo Interactive Recorder can deliver smooth and clear image quality for distance education regardless of the limits of time and space to help schools in poverty-stricken and developed areas to interact with each other remotely and promote the balanced development of high-quality educational resources.

    At the seewo booth, seewo Cloud Class Card and seewo Easy Classroom were the spotlights for the guests. The 5G+ seewo Easy Classroom creates a dynamic, interactive and safe smart learning environment and provides schools with superior digital educational resources and normalized smart classroom software tools. With the help of the 5G information technology, teachers can carry out smoother teaching in forms like enlightenment, exploration, discussion and involvement, conveniently adopt the classroom mode of interactive teaching and flipped learning and advance the “student-dominated” teaching revolution.

    The 5G+ seewo Cloud Class Card has fully expanded the capacity of school publications and created a digital campus information window through a rapid information publication system with a wide range of media forms. Meanwhile, with the 5G information technology, the interaction based on the Cloud Class Card between school and class, teacher and student, and parent and student is more efficient and smooth, and the managers’ centralized management, producing, and information issue of the Cloud Class Card are faster, increasing the efficiency of campus information issue.

    The 5G+ smart education products seewo presented at the launch ceremony had made their appearances at the Shanghai 5G Innovative Development Summit and China Unicom Global Industry Chain Partner Conference in April 2019.

    Prior to that, with the help of the Interactive Smart Recorder and the Easy Classroom of seewo, the Senior Campus of Guangdong Experimental High School linked with the faraway Yuexiu Campus and completed the real-time classroom teaching and interaction between the classrooms at the two campuses that are far apart in the 5G environment, demonstrating the first 5G+ interactive classroom to the public in China.

    The advent of the 5G era provided the educational informationization with a rapid and stable network environment and solved the problems with the fast transmission of big data. Based on the 5G technology and the 5G smart education alliance, seewo expects to unfold more explorations in express classroom, smart classroom and digital campus information window and usher in the Chinese education to the new era of Educational Informationization 2.0 to normalize the sharing of high-quality educational resources.