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    CVTE seewo Cooperates with National Quality Inspection Organizations to Develop China’s First Technical Specifications for Interactive All-in-One Machine Vision Health


    On April 24, 2019, seewo, a CVTE educational technology brand, cooperated with national quality inspection organizations -- “National Testing and Inspection Center for Radio and TV Products” (Beijing Tairuite Inspection and Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd., or “Tairuite Inspection and Testing”) and Beijing Tirt Certification Center, in developing a new specification for educational display equipment and vision health, which is entitled “Technical Specifications for Display Performance and Vision Health Certification of Display Equipment, Part 3: Interactive All-in-one Machine” (hereinafter referred to as “the Specifications”). Meanwhile, a number of seewo products have passed the open certification of Tairuite, becoming the first batch of certified products under the Specifications. These products will assure the vision health of teachers and students.

    On the afternoon of the day, the “Launch Ceremony of Display Performance and Vision Health Certification of Education Equipment” was held as scheduled. Dong Xiaoyan, Deputy General Manager of Tirt Certification Center; Liu Zhigang, General Manager of Tairuite Inspection and Testing; and Xie Yong, Chief Risk Officer of CVTE were present at the event.

    As the first technical specifications for the display performance and vision health certification of all-in-one machines in China, the Specifications give top priority to eye health and poses all-around, scientific, detailed and rigorous technical indices and standards on display performance and vision health and will greatly promote the normative development of the educational equipment industry.

    Dong Xiaoyan, Deputy General Manager of Tirt Certification Center, mentioned, “Whether or not the educational equipment for teenagers is safe to use and causes no harm to the eyes is the focal point of teachers, parents and the industry. We hope that this specification will standardize the development of educational display equipment in a more effective way so that their performance can take the path of becoming safer and healthier and bring teachers, students and the public visual enjoyment, comfort and reassurance.”

    “The jointly drafted specification, we believe, will lead the whole industry to a normative development path and protect the eyes of teachers and students. We hope to respond to the call of the nation together with the No.3 Institute, the National Quality Inspection Center, and Tairuite to make a contribution to the eye protection for students and teachers!” Xie Yong, Chief Risk Officer of CVTE, asserted at the launch ceremony.

    Afterwards, the testing engineer of Tairuite made a detailed presentation on the technical indices of the Specification. It is known that the Specifications, providing for indices including display, blue light damage, electromagnetic radiation and noise of display equipment, refer to the similar foreign testing standards and give consideration to the development, production, and actual application of Chinese display equipment. In addition to regulating the display performance, it also puts restrictions on the severity of blue light, electromagnetic radiation, noise and other damages.

    At the launch ceremony, the first batch of seewo products to be certified by Beijing Tirt Certification Center won the certificates after displaying their exceptional indices as image quality and vision health.

    CVTE focuses on the design, research and development, and sales of LCD control mainboard and interactive smart panel. In particular, the latter is an electronic product integrating TV, computer and electronic whiteboard with independent intellectual property, which is developed by CVTE with the LCD main control technology supplemented by multi-touch interaction technology, digital signal processing technology and computer software and hardware technology.

    CVTE always values the research and development of the vision health technologies of display and persistently increases its investment into the technical development of display performance and vision health under the orientation of “eye protection, energy saving, and high definition”:

    1. Through the analysis on ambient brightness and image source gray scale, it carries out dynamic image processing and has designed image modes including HDR, eye protection and energy saving;

    2. It has improved the products’ visual experience and avoided flickering through the Flicker test and commissioning;

    3. It applies the LED with low blue light based on the transmission feature of each LCD panel;

    4. It modulates the image quality in line with international standards, with HD Rec709 for color and BT1886 for gamma, and uses the Delta E2000 for the execution of all image control standards;

    5. Taking such measures as nano-coating anti-glare glass and glare interference reduction, it tries its best to provide users with healthier and safer display equipment.

    As people use more and more electronic screens in life as a result of the rapid development of the IT era, many Chinese people are prone to vision decline. The involvement in the enactment of the Specifications is the first step taken by CVTE to advance its specialized development. In the future, CVTE will join hands with industry experts to boost the standardization of the industry and help users protect their eyes during the use of convenient smart products.