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    Google Joins Hands with CVTE to Host the Android TV Event


    The Android TV Sub-license Program Event 2019 hosted by Google has recently drawn to an end at the Guangzhou headquarters of CVTE. As a world-famous Internet company and the developer of the Android operating system, Google shared the information of Android TV with domestic and overseas machine manufacturers and OEMs, brand manufacturers, and other terminal users to explore the application prospect and direction of the Android TV. Terminal users from around the world, more than half of which were from overseas, participated in the event. 

    It is known that the Android TV is an Android operating system designed exclusively for digital media players, and its structure allows users to experience the immersive application on the big screen. Users can find recommended information on the home screen. Moreover, the Leanback database provides a wide range of APIs, helping users to create an excellent remote control experience.

    It is worth noticing that the LCD TV control mainboard supplied by CVTE, the organizer of the event, has topped the world with its shipments for many years. According to the data statistics by AVC, the shipments of CVTE LCD control main board were 78.78 million in 2018, accounting for more than 35% in the world. 

    In recent years, the smart TV gradually gains ground. With a smart TV, the user can install and uninstall APPs to continue expanding and updating functions in addition to watching TV programs. Against this backdrop, CVTE keeps improving its capability of technologies, and product development in the field of smart TV board and focuses on partnering with branded TV manufacturers in this field. In 2018, its smart board revenue doubled compared with the same period last year. As a service provider of smart interaction solutions that centers on display control technologies, CVTE is always devoted to improving the experience of electronic products so that it is more diverse and can guarantee more efficient communication and interaction.  

    This time, Google chose to cooperate with CVTE, the world’s biggest LCD TV mainboard provider, to present the Android TV Sub-license Program Event at the CVTE headquarters. One could believe that the two will further their cooperation over smart TV to bring more innovative breakthroughs to the industry. 

    * Source: Android official website