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    CVTE MAXHUB 2019 New Product Launch Event: Smart Conference Solution Makes Its Spectacular Debut


    On April 16, MAXHUB, a CVTE service brand, presented its new product launch event 2019 in Sanya, Hainan. Witnessed by a number of industrial experts, authoritative media and partners, MAXHUB released its brand new smart conference solution and four relevant products -- MAXHUB Conference Doorplate, MAXHUB Wireless Omnidirectional Microphone, MAXHUB Podium and MAXHUB Handwriting. 

    In 2017, CVTE presented a global launch event for its MAXHUB at the China National Convention Center, becoming the first to release an “efficiency conference platform” in the Chinese commercial display industry 1. In 2018, MAXHUB conference panel was updated to continue its intensive services for conference and office scenarios. In 2019, the smart conference solution released by MAXHUB increased the value of conference by starting from the pain points throughout the conference, achieving high-efficiency conferences and high output. This also signifies that MAXHUB completed its product layout covering the conference panel, relevant hardware, single product, and comprehensive solutions and the expansion from the conference room to the office space. By connecting the processes before, during and after the conference, MAXHUB helps enterprises to break away from redundant and low-efficiency routine work, focus on innovation and give full play to their efficiency of joint innovation. 

    With a general layout throughout the conference, MAXHUB creates a new experience of smart conference 

    By nature, the conference is a business form that trades time for conclusions. A complete conference needs to go through three processes: pre-conference preparation, discussion at the conference, and post-conference execution. By interconnecting smart conference products including the conference panel, conference doorplate, and omnidirectional microphone, removing the isolation among conference materials and creating output and data flow, the MAXHUB smart conference solution involves all the process before, during and after the conference to facilitate the fulfillment of value of simple pre-conference organizing, convenient coordination during the conference and effective post-conference execution, retaining the innovative thinking, data, and information in the conference.  

    All this is dependent of the fast technological development. In recent years, technologies like facial recognition and voice recognition are ripening, and those of the conference panel are evolving. At the launch event, the vice president of OrionStar, a company of Cheetahmobile, an important partner of MAXHUB in the field of AI technologies, was present at the event. According to him, Cheetahmobile has made a breakthrough in AI technologies for the whole chain ranging from voice to vision and will carry out in-depth cooperation with MAXHUB on the relevant technological application to mine the value of the application of the smart conference in each industry, give priority to the practical application of voice-to-text and real-time translation and delve into the smart conference scenario of each industry.

    Going all out to create the Conference Room +, MAXHUB assists enterprises in digital updates

    According to the recently released CVTE (stock code: 002841) annual report 2018, the company’s revenue from interactive smart panel gained a year-on-year growth of more than 100% and was growing at a high speed in 2018. Meanwhile, depending on its high-quality products and services, MAXHUB has stood out with its sales volume and revenue in the domestic market for two consecutive years 2.

    Behind the rise of MAXHUB in the economic downturn is the joint innovation at nearly 10,000 conferences, the insights into the pain points of enterprises’ office work, and the professional study of conference scenarios. Without doubt, the digital update of enterprises is irresistible in the era of digitalization, in which most enterprises long for high-efficiency operations. A conference solution featuring high-efficiency communication, interdepartmental coordination, office work and resource utilization will be the hard-core propeller for enterprises’ innovative transformation.

    At the ceremony, the President of Corporate Service BG of CVTE affirmed that the corporate conference digitalization, more than a smart update of conference space, should increase the efficiency of the processes before, during and after the conference and simplify the complex and redundant operation to lift the utilization rate of time, manpower, and space. At the same time, it makes use of the smart terminal, big data and cloud technologies to interconnect human and matters, terminals and terminals at the conference, retain the dominant value of intangible data and knowledge assets generated by the conference and boost the corporate digital update in the conference scenario. 

    Meanwhile, based on the corporate digital conference, MAXHUB has brought forward the futuristic concept of “Conference Room +”, namely to gradually leave the conference room and go deeply into more scenarios of enterprise operations to interconnect various screens, equipment and humans, content, functions, communications, and data to establish a platform for centralized management, help enterprises to increase their operations and management efficiency and enhance their competitiveness. In addition to the vision that “we all use MAXHUB for conference,” it will realize scenario update experiences like “we all use MAXHUB for try-on, meal ordering, furniture selection and car selection.”

    “In the future, screens will be ubiquitous. Any surface we get in contact with may be a screen. Different screens will form different eco-systems.” MAXHUB’s vision of connecting everything via screens coincides with Mr. Kevin Kelly’s “Becoming Screen Literate” and will usher the industry from the era of Internet of Things to that of the “Internet of Display.”

    Limited to no boundary of creation, the “X Creation Program” is officially launched 

    At the launch ceremony, Zhang Yan, Chief Branding Officer of CVTE, had a retrospect on how the brand started from scratch. She mentioned that MAXHUB always firmly believes that the conference is a process of joint creation, the place where people show their wisdom, the biggest significance of humans to enterprises, and the key scenario where the group value is inspired. Therefore, centering the core scenario of “conference room,” MAXHUB broke a new ground for the conference panel and will start the “era of smart conference” in the industry. By March 2019, MAXHUB had been capable of serving 10,000 conferences every day.

    As a brand that perseveres in opening, sharing, and win-win cooperation, MAXHUB is favored by users. Its digital collaborative office pattern is the choice of 250 of the top 500 Chinese enterprises 3, which include Guangzhou Automobile Group, and Ping’an Technology. The prominent user experience has won persuasive word of mouth for MAXHUB. The very purpose of MAXHUB for launching the smart conference solution is to go further into enterprise office scenario, encourage more enterprises to get away from the limited space, tools and thinking, and help them to embrace free coordination and intelligent innovation. 

    To better inspire enterprises’ and employees’ power of innovation and creation, accelerate enterprises’ development and help them gain high-quality development, MAXHUB started the “X Creation Program” at the ceremony, which, in its expectations, drives up enterprises’ conference efficiency and allows every innovation anticipating enterprise to feel the power of innovation and high efficiency for free as a brand new way of work and a train of thought for enterprise transformation and update. 

    The year 2019 will witness MAXHUB’s strenuous effort in the market of enterprise conference and office work. In the future, it will continue to invest heavily into research, quicken the pace of innovation and change and fulfill the vision of offering application services for more than 100 million conference rooms and more industries around the world with its whole-process and platform-oriented thinking. It also looks forward to joining hands with its partners to prepare for the age of the Internet of Display and corporate digitalization!

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