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    CVTE seewo Nationwide Roadshow Sets Out to Start a New Chapter on Educational Informationization Application Tool


    On March 22, CVTE seewo launched its new nationwide product roadshow in Chengdu where three products will make their debut.

    Aiming to create the extraordinary and look into the future, the roadshow, had the theme “Create and See,” displaying the product system built with normalized teaching application tools, teaching-oriented environment hardware and equipment, and data management and services through the debut of a series of new product solutions including seewo Classroom, seewo Interactive Smart Recorder, and Campus Screen Display and pictures of seewo’s pace and resolution to boost the development of educational informationization by “centering on users.”

    ↓↓ seewo Nationwide Roadshow 2019 launched↓↓


    Ten Years of seewo

    Dedication to Educational Informationization Application Tools

    In 2009, CVTE pushed out its first independent brand seewo, which created the interactive smart panel for the first time in China and continuously led the development of the industry. 1 Over the past 10 years, seewo focused on the application tools of educational informationization and gradually formed a network consisting of the basic products of interactive smart panels and all-around products of categories of display, audio, and personal terminal, making a great breakthrough in the diversification of business. 

    Benefiting from users’ trust and recognition, seewo products are applied in millions of classrooms and serve tens of thousands of teachers and students. 2

    The year 2019 is the tenth year since seewo ventured into education. Over the past ten years, it insisted on the faith of “centering on users,” providing them with normalized teaching application tools, digital environment hardware equipment, and data management and services by basing itself on “teacher, classroom, and teaching” and focusing on “efficiency, performance and results” and removing the obstacles in the underlying data on the basis of unifying the account system to expand from classroom to campus and region and realize the full coverage of application scenarios of digital campus construction. 

    Every step centers on users

    Over the past ten years dedicated to the industry of education, every step of seewo is based on the faith of “centering on users.“ The three new products brought by seewo -- seewo Easy Classroom, seewo Interactive Smart Recorder and Campus Screen Display were developed and designed around this faith.

    —— ① ——

    The classroom is under a revolution. After a transition from the era of blackboard to that of multimedia represented by projectors, the teaching is now in the era of interactive multimedia represented by the interactive smart panel and electronic schoolbag. 

    In such a revolution, the classroom is not dominated by teachers alone and the student-based teaching pattern has risen to be the development trend of modern education. For this, seewo has started to consider how to empower the student-based education with the educational informationization application tools. 

    seewo Easy Classroom has come forth for this purpose. Every student has an exclusive learning terminal and a learning space in the Easy Classroom. Through the fast preview before class, general in-class participation and personalized after-class learning, students can develop a closed sound loop and become the dominator of learning, truly reversing learning and teaching. 

    By 2018, seewo Easy Classroom had served more than 50,000 students at more than 400 schools all over China. In addition to helping reduce the teachers’ burden and increase efficiency and students to grow and learn, it will be an important impetus pushing forward the future teaching revolution. 

    —— ② ——

    The spread of the new teaching patterns relying on the student terminal has posed higher requirements on teachers’ teaching capability. Therefore, with its Interactive Smart Recorder as the carrier, seewo boosts the teaching research and reflection in the IT era to improve the teachers’ teaching capability. 

    Through a smooth real-time multi-terminal interaction, teachers and students at the far end can share high-quality education resources at the same time, achieving the fair circulation of educational resources. The simple class recording operation, plentiful recording resource management platforms and precision IT-based class listening and assessing functions let class recording and assessing truly provide teachers with the reference and assistance for their self-improvement. 

    —— ③ ——

    However, the construction of educational informationization is not limited to teaching and research. The campus culture development is the manifestation of a school’s appeal and comprehensive management capability and an important component of digital campus construction. It is one of seewo’s focuses to promote the campus culture development with informationization. 

    The campus culture display system that is represented by seewo Cloud Class Card and includes campus screen displays like seewo Cloud Screen, LED small pixel pitch screen will be applied to school corridors, auditoriums and canteens to jointly build the digital campus information window. On the principle of being user-friendly, uniform and open, the school screen simplifies the publishing of campus information like class photos, campus notices and ranking list and brings more possibilities for the development of characteristic campus culture.

    As for hardware, the Level IP65 dust and water prevention, the LCD screen with a wide temperature range that prevents blank screen caused by high temperature, and the narrow-edge design3 that enlarges the display area forge the high product quality and guarantees the construction of a digital campus. 

    When the education equipment is applied in regions and schools, the phenomena of port data division and information isolated island hamper the advancement of educational informationization. How to maximize the functions of data to support decision making? For this, seewo has made a ten-year arrangement. 

    Based on the uniform account system, seewo collects the small data in each small scenario and gradually builds an underlying data platform system that centers on “equipment data chain and small teaching data.” 

    The service data, software application data, student information data and other data of different hardware equipment will be gathered by the underlying seewo data platform which visualizes them before presenting them to managers to help schools and regions with precision teaching, teaching research and management. 

    Seewo is totally concentrated on the entire digital campus construction and every individual in the teaching environment to create user-friendly tools and offer effective data and growth services.

    Construction of the online and offline service system through thick and thin

    As seewo products extend from the classroom, to the campus and even to the region to cover all application scenarios of digital campus construction, the services of seewo also accompany a wide range of users in all circumstances. By now, seewo has established a complete online and offline service system and set more than 1,000 service centers across China, reaching more than 700 cities across China. 

    As for training, seewo has released a series of online and offline training courses ranging from the grip of basic applications and the close combination of product functions, teaching and education. In addition to the educational institute, it has built communities for teacher exchange centering on the institute to give them more platforms and opportunities and help them with self-development, self-presentation and self-fulfillment.

    In 2019, seewo will continue to enhance the service assurance in the first-tier regions and create an excellent professional service team with high competence and the capability to meet individualized service needs. 

    Via the seewo Nationwide New Product Roadshow in 2019, CVTE conveys its resolution and determination for catalyzing the development of educational informationization: to continue “to center on users,” stick to the spirit of independent innovation, ceaselessly cater to the update of user demand and promote the sound development of the industry of IT-based education equipment. Meanwhile, with an open and cooperative attitude, CVTE desires to make progress with partners hand in hand with and add a new driving force to the construction of educational modernization with “the strength of one hundreds sides.”

    [1] Domestic interactive smart panel industry

    [2] By December 31, 2018

    [3] In comparison with the previous seewo campus display screens.