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    CVTE seewo Joins Hands with Shaanxi Normal University to Publish Its First Textbook to Make Education Informationization More Down-to-Earth


    The Course of IT-based Classroom Teaching and Student Management Application jointly published by CVTE seewo and Shaanxi Normal University has recently been released. 

    With ten years of commitment to education, seewo spent 2 years developing its first IT-based teaching textbook with its abundant R&D experience, theoretical exploration, and product practice in demonstration schools. Focusing on the four most commonly used teaching software among teachers -- seewo Whiteboard, seewo Teaching Assistant, Film Cutter and Class Optimization Master, the textbook gives systematic teaching on the scenario, procedure, cases and skills of the application of each software to help teachers assimilate the rudiments, enhance the foundation and make progress at the tempo set by the textbook. 

    Meanwhile, making use of its own superior teacher resources, seewo selects the seewo top lecturer team, seewo Xingtan mentor, famous teachers of demonstration schools and other application cases of excellent first-line teachers and applies application scenarios to meet different needs so that teachers can get the autonomy over teaching product applications and use the IT-based products in classroom teaching.

    seewo believes that every role takes different responsibilities in educational modernization. Teachers are responsible for innovating teaching patterns, school managers for creating a more agreeable environment, students for improving the capability of IT-based learning and embracing the changes of the times, and enterprises for providing the roles involved in the development of educational informationization with the necessary production tools and emancipating and developing the productivity of education and teaching. 

    seewo launched the interactive smart panel in 2009, becoming the domestic precursor of the interactive smart panel. It has also won a remarkable market share in the domestic market for consecutive years. The new trend in the industry of education informationization is undergoing a change, in which the hardware drive is evolving from the application drive. During its “software update” on the basis of the hardware with enough magnitude, seewo has released a series of teaching software including seewo Blackboard, Class Optimization Master, and seewo Dove. On its path of development, seewo has long been elaborating on how to make information technologies better serve education and teaching and bring real changes to teachers and classrooms. 

    seewo is deeply aware that man is the more important component of education, in which teachers and students play the leading roles. However, the teachers’ capability of using information technologies in teaching is yet to be improved: they merely use the interactive smart panel in the classroom as a player without any idea about how to use it; they lack interaction and the combination with IT-based tools in teaching; and they cannot find the appropriate training when they want to improve their IT-based teaching skills…

    For this, seewo has released the training service to help teachers with their professional and career development and improve their competence in the application of advanced educational techniques. In early 2018, seewo established the seewo Education Institute, showing its resolution for advancing educational technology research and the teaching application combination. 

    seewo Education Institute solicits the needs of first-line users to guide the design and development of products by observing the authentic classroom teaching given by first-line teachers through a variety of means including the traditional classroom, projection screen, interactive multimedia and smart classroom while studying pedagogical theories. Having heeded first-line teachers’ suggestions and conducted observation and even practice of first-line education, seewo Education Institute compiled the Course of IT-based Classroom Teaching and Student Management Applications, an IT-based teaching textbook, to help teachers to build a systematic learning path. Besides, the publishing of the text also means that seewo is constructing its own complete theoretical system for education informationization and making a contribution to the education equality.

    The essence of education is not filling the basket but to turn on the light. Technologies supply the electricity, and teachers switch the light on. Starting with the interactive smart panel in every classroom, CVTE cares for the user experience and growth of all teachers and helps them to inspire children’s spirit and mentality to boost the educational development of China.