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    CVTE Spring Campus Recruitment 2019 Officially Launched


    The CVTE Spring Campus Recruitment 2019 was officially launched on February 15. In the campus recruitment of 2018, CVTE went to 21 cities across China including Guangzhou, Changsha, Xiamen, Wuhan, and Hangzhou, attracting attention from many fresh graduates. This year, CVTE launched the new recruitment still under the theme of “Let the World See the Power of Youth” to find more young talents.

    The main businesses of CVTE are the design, research and development, and sales of LCD display main control boards and interactive smart panels and TV main board solutions covering product design, technological R&D, and supply chain services for the world’s major TV brands.

    CVTE regards human resources as the source of power of its development and gives high priority to the selection, development, utilization, and retention of talents. It has also set a complete development mechanism to help every new member fast grow, which includes basic quality training, professional skill training, position training, and management quality training.

    To fresh graduates, this is a free, equal, eclectic and progress platform that allows everyone to show their capabilities and gives everyone a definite channel of promotion. During the spring campus recruitment, CVTE open many positions to fresh graduates and there is always the one that suits you.

    CVTE Industrial Park I

    CVTE Industrial Park II

    CVTE Industrial Park III


    Software positions

    Java engineer (Android), C/C++ software development engineer, C/C++ software development assistant engineer, embedded application development engineer, Windows application development engineer, Web background development engineer, Web background development assistant engineer, Web front-end development engineer, software QA engineer, software engineer in test, software technical support

    Hardware positions

    Hardware engineer, hardware assistant engineer, power engineer, power assistant engineer, PCB engineer, hardware test engineer

    Business positions

    Sales, overseas sales, sales management, customer advisors (pre-sales), supply chain management, service technical support, customer service management

    Design positions

    Interactive design, industrial design, visual design, structural design

    Functional positions

    Human resources manager, financial management, secretary

    Quality positions

    Quality control

    Product positions

    Product manager

    Information management positions

    Information system management

    Target crowd & city:

    This CVTE Spring Campus Recruitment is targeted at students graduating in 2019 and carried out in cities including Guangzhou, Xi’an, Wuhan, Nanjing, Beijing, Changsha, and Chengdu. For information about more cities, follow the official public account “CVTE Campus Recruitment”.

    Campus recruitment calendar:

    Online application: February 15 -- early March

    Interview: early March -- mid-March

    Offer: released in mid-March

    Online application portal:

    Method 1

    Enter the CVTE Campus Recruitment official website ( using a PC, select a position and submit your resume.

    Method 2

    Scan the QR code below to enter the personal center of the official website, select a position and submit your resume.

    Interview process:

    Online application - group interview / professional interview - comprehensive interview - (comprehensive test and experience internship)*

    *For specific interview process and arrangement of each position, follow the relevant information of the personal center of the CVTE Recruitment official website

    If you have any questions during the recruitment, follow the WeChat public account “CVTE Campus Recruitment” and contact us.