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    CVTE Campus Doctoral Recruitment 2019 Is Launched


    You want:

    “To quickly use technical ideas on products to make an actual contribution”

    “A simple and efficient work environment that facilitates me to bring my capabilities into full play”

    “Frontier and challenging work and more freedom”

    “A space for entrepreneurship and development and a lively learning atmosphere”

    Here is a paradise for doctors to show their talents:

    Extremely free innovation atmosphere, a mass of scenarios and data, a wide range of domestic and overseas opportunities of learning and exchange, priority to result implementation and actual contribution, challenging entrepreneurial opportunities and space, and comprehensive benefits

    We sincerely welcome excellent doctors from all over the world:

    You will be the future leading figure in each field of CVTE  

    Take the challenges of world-class puzzles, succeed in strategic business and propel the corporate management to update and develop

    Jointly take part in and witness CVTE fulfilling its dream of influencing the beautiful human life

    For you, we have launched the CVTE Campus Doctoral Recruitment 2019 and hope you join us

    CVTE Campus Doctoral Recruitment 2019

    Who we are

    The main businesses of CVTE are the design, research and development, and sales of LCD main control boards and interactive smart panels. We have plentiful product development experience in such technical fields as display driver, signal processing, power management, human-computer interaction, application development, and system integration. The product technologies of the hi-tech listed company CVTE have presence in life, education, enterprises, medicine, etc. Every year, about one-third of the TVs sold worldwide use the core components supplied by CVTE; school classrooms have classes using seewo products; company conference rooms hold meetings with the MAXHUB; and hospital wards are using XICOO medical products... CVTE is by your side.


    1. Human resources

    2. CVTE Research

    Visual computing

    Data mining

    Speech signal information processing

    Biomedical signal processing

    Motor and control

    Natural language processing

    Robot perception and control

    Document image analysis and recognition

    3. CVTE Engineering

    Composite research

    Optical material research

    High polymer material research

    Heat management simulation study

    For more information about job details and salary

    See on the CVTE Campus Recruitment official website “”

    How to apply

    Target Group

    Doctoral students graduating in 2019

    Recruitment sites

    Guangzhou, Xi’an, Wuhan, Nanjing, Beijing

    Changsha, Chengdu, Hefei, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hangzhou

    Application method

    Method 1

    Enter the CVTE Campus Recruitment official website ( using PC, select a position and submit your resume.

    Method 2

    Scan the QR code to enter the personal center of the official website, select a position, and submit your resume.

    Process and time

    Online application - resume screening - professional interview - comprehensive interview - (comprehensive assessment) - experience internship

    Online application portal: open throughout year

    We are going to give campus presentations in major universities across China

    Enter CVTE Campus Recruitment official website “”


    To check the presentation schedule

    The first presentation will be held in Guangzhou on February 28.

    For more information about the presentations

    Follow the official public account “CVTE Campus Recruitment”