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    The First Workday of CVTE is Vibrant


    Happy New Year!

    The seventh day of the first month of the lunar calendar was the first workday.

    See how CVTEr dealt with it?

    Were there lots of red envelops for the first workday?

    Was there a world of gifts?

    Was there a show of specialties from around China?

    Blessing from the God of Fortune and Lucky Red Envelops

    On the seventh day of the first month of the lunar year was the first workday, employees got up early, carefully groomed themselves and were greeted by familiar and amiable faces on both sides.

    The first workday of CVTE is all about opening red envelops for first workday and exchanging New Year gift bags and best wishes.

    Everyone received a first workday red envelop and every red envelop conveyed the joy and hope of the New Year.

    There were also beautiful big gift boxes attached with original bookmarks with the best New Year wishes written on them.

    Remote New Year call for everyone in the group

    The three parks of the Guangzhou headquarters and staff members from all over China paid New Year greetings over long distances using the HD screen of the MAXHUB High-Efficiency Conference Platform.

    Paying a New Year call and exchanging gifts across the company  

    Taking the colleagues in the department to pay a New Year call, exchanging the fun stories during the vacation with colleagues downstairs and upstairs, and sharing the elaborately prepared delicacies of hometowns have become the routines of the first workday at CVTE.

    If these were not enough to satisfy you, you could play a small game of New Year greeting, draw a lottery, receive tasks and win a surprise gift.

    There are more and more games of Chinese New Year and the first workday is becoming more and more amusing but the long tradition of CVTE has never changed.

    The number of employees is rising and business is expanding but our mission has never changed because our existence gives more people a successful career and happy life.

    Wish you a successful job and good luck in the New Year!