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    A New Year Greeting from CVTErs


    The firecrackers are exploding and the spring wind is warming.On the occasion of the Chinese New Year,CVTEr would like to send its greetings to everyone.

    “We wish you a Happy New Year in Guangzhou!”

    “We wish you a Happy New Year in Xi’an!”

    “We wish you a Happy New Year in Taipei!”

    “We wish you a Happy New Year in India!”


    The greetings of “Happy New Year” are delivered by friends all over the world to you.

    Meanwhile, a CVTEr team pays a New Year call in a different way in the Netherlands.

    They went to the Country of Windmills to exhibit the audio and video products they independently developed at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the world’s largest AV and systems integration show, to display our technology achievements to the whole world.

    They gave up their reunion with family and friends during the Chinese New Year to offer more people convenient hi-tech products, push Chinese brands to the world and they deserve the credit!

    We will continue advancing in the hope of enabling more people to work more efficiently and live happily with more convenient and smarter products and we greet the coming year with confidence and hope.