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    Never Stop Changing and Innovating | CVTE Holds Patent Awarding Ceremony of 2018


    On January 18, 2019, CVTE Intellectual Property Center held the “Patent Awarding Ceremony of 2018” under the theme of “Never Stop Changing and Innovating”. Professor Li Yang, Professor of School of Law, Sun Yat-sen University, Doctoral Supervisor and Vice President of Intellectual Property Law Association, attended the ceremony and delivered a keynote speech.

    During the awarding ceremony, CVTE Intellectual Property Center reviewed the company’s patent work in 2018 and made a work plan for 2019. The center pointed out that the Patent Law does not protect any original work but those submitting patent application first. If the R&D personnel develop a technology but are late in the patent application, they will lose the patent right of the technology to others and the technology may face risks. During the R&D process, the R&D personnel should submit a patent application to the intellectual property center in time, especially in the cases of technologies that involve product highlights, cost reduction solutions and have great influence and leading position in the industry. 

    Professor Li Yang delivered a speech entitled “Patent Right in the Market Competition”. He analyzed the status quo of enterprises in the market competition and said that the patent right has become enterprises’ formidable weapon in the international competition and the innovation their magic key to survival. Meanwhile, he also made it clear that it is a big trend for China to strengthen the protection for intellectual property by interpreting the amendment on the Patent Law of China.

    At CVTE, more than 60% of employees are technological R&D personnel. To this R&D-driven enterprise, the innovative corporate culture and the awareness of patent protection are particularly crucial. This year’s patent awarding ceremony presented 8 awards and total prize money of more than 1 million Yuan. These awards centered on the high-value patents that CVTE developed in 2018 and covered patent text quality, review carefulness, patent application number, and department patent atmosphere. The jury consisted of each IPR, technicians, and external review units and ensured that the review of the awards was fair, impartial and open. The awarding could strengthen the awareness of intellectual property protection across the company and encourage employees to transform R&D innovation results into intellectual property results.

    During the awarding, the host announced the winners of each award. The award-winning employees came onto the stage and wore the honorable medals for their brilliant achievements in patent work in 2018.

    Since it was founded, CVTE takes technical innovation as its footstone, increases investment into technological research and development every year and insists on the strategy of giving priority to intellectual property protection, achieving outstanding results in the field of intellectual property.

    In 2016 and 2017, CVTE topped all enterprises in Guangzhou with its annual number of patent application and won honors including “The First Guangzhou Enterprise with more than 1,000 Patent Applications” and “The Guangzhou Mayor Award for Intellectual Property”. In 2018, it ranked 17th in “2018 Chinese Enterprise ‘PCT International Patent Application’ Ranking List (TOP100)” and was rated as a “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise”. Only three Guangzhou enterprises were given the title and CVTE was one of them.

    In the future, CVTE will continue reinforcing its protection mechanism for intellectual property and providing employees’ independent innovation with an agreeable environment to boost its sustainable development.